: Balloon

10-12-2010, 20:15

I think that I might fly away, in my hot air balloon,
And hide from worldly worries on the dark side of the moon;
Theres but one thing I need before I float into the blue:
I need a sky companion and I want it to be you.

Well fly beyond the storm clouds and well watch from up above,
Ill cover you in rainbows as we feel each others love;
Youll shower in the stars at midnight in our special place,
Ill dry you with a comets tail and kiss your beaming face.

Dreamy drifting panorama, changing every day,
Every night your loving smile will be my milky way,
The moon will wane before us, sailing there in heavens height,
For nothing else can challenge our loves everlasting light.

Venus shining on us, glowing soft at our devotion,
Our daily drifting dalliance in loves celestial ocean,
Ill write you lovers poetry, and you will be my muse,
Orion and Andromeda will oversee our cruise.

Well sleep with clouds as pillows, maybe steal an angels wings,
Then fly as magic lovebirds, or slide round Saturns rings,
And should we tire of drifting and the stars all floating by,
Well hook onto a meteor and soar across the sky.

Will you consent to be my mate on our celestial ship?
Im ready, heart all packed with love, to last us for the trip,
Take my hand and step aboard, were heading for the sun,
Were flying till we find the place where our two souls are one.

10-12-2010, 20:23
Dreams Awakening nest on Alars lived happy and try to find happiness among the trees P street between the walls is important not flying in space and far away Between the clouds are ghosts

10-12-2010, 20:27
Thanks for the tips. You have considerable experience in the emotions